Professional Goals for 2009

So I’ve seeing a lot of people writing on their blogs about their general goals for the upcoming year. So I thought for the purpose of reminding myself every time I came here I would write mine up as well.

  1. Continue my work/learning Ruby and Rails
  2. Go back to learning C
  3. Learn Objective-C
  4. Continue my business/executive training
  5. Blog more of course
  6. Continue advancing my knowledge of Agile methodologies
  7. See team camaraderie at my day job increase
  8. Really start following TDD/BDD principles

So with that in mind… HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Optimizing the RedCloth Helper

In my previous post I posted several small Rails tips, one of which was a cleaner RedCloth helper. Unfortunately, this helper requires that the textile is parsed each time the page is loaded, and that can get nasty. So it our item is a text field called details, just add a details_html field to your model… then create a private conversion method that you call using a before_filter.

Something like:

before_filter :convert_details

def convert_details
  return if self.details.nil?
  self.details_html =

Then just display details_html in your view instead. This way the textile only gets converted when you save and make changes to it.