Announcing, “Living Zero”

I’ve been hearing from a lot of friends lately that are just now beginning to look at maintaining an empty inbox throughout their day to day work. Over the last year I have successfully implemented the concept of “Inbox Zero”, and additionally came up with a pretty good organizational plan, some email best practices, and tips to really sticking with maintaining an empty inbox which I have shared to great success with other programmers, designers, and business executives alike. So in an effort to assist all of the recent converts to the “Inbox Zero” concept I will be writing a five part series over the next few weeks covering many of the concepts and daily practices of maintaining an empty, productive, and organized inbox that I have found to be so successful not only for myself but many others as well.

As the sections are released I will continue to append them to this entry to give you a single location you may go to reference in the future. Depending on the demand, I may consider releasing the information in ebook format, with additional tips in the near future. Stay tuned, the first post will be online within a few days.

This series is still under development, and links will be added to the table of contents as the sections are completed. Stay Tuned!


  1. What It Feels Like
  2. Dealing with Incoming Email
  3. Styles for Organization
  4. Sending Effective Email
  5. Sticking with It (no such thing as partially done)

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