Is The iPhone The New Idea Napkin?

Lo-Fi Wireframe Creating with Brushes on iPhone
Lo-Fi Wireframe Created with Brushes

Last week I was at dinner with a colleague and I was trying to communicate an idea I had. Like many people I’m a visual thinker, so I always look for a pen, and most of the time I have a little notebook in my pocket. I had nothing with me at the time, there were a few napkins on the table but grabbing the only pen used at the register for people to sign their receipts didn’t seem like something I was comfortable doing.

I remembered hearing about an App on the iPhone/iTouch called Brushes [App Store Link], they designed the newest New Yorker cover with it, so I heard anyway. I pulled out my phone and looked it up on the App Store, it was $3.99. I’m already one of those people that area accustomed to the 99¢ apps, but I bought it anyway. I immediately started sketching my idea. I’ve now used it at least once a day to communicate an idea to someone. People already ask me what the app is. It’s small enough on the iPhone that you can put it in the middle of table and collaborate with a small group on ideas. Brushes has quickly changed the way I talk about ideas with my colleagues and prospects. After talking with someone about an idea of their’s I send the image to them over email so they could have a copy of it themselves. That is something I was never really able to do with my napkin sketches.


2 thoughts on “Is The iPhone The New Idea Napkin?”

  1. Wow, I think this app really comes in handy. It’s just like having your “next great idea” notebook with you all the time, and true it’s more decent to present it, than tattered napkins! :) I’m also a visual learner so my exam reviewers sort of just look like meaningless doodles, but they actually do the trick for memorization.

    NICE SITE! It’s fun reading your posts.

  2. Sounds like you got your extra 3 bucks worth out of this nearly immediately. Personally I don’t think the thumbnail sketch ever gets the credit it’s due, you know? Curious if you’re still using this. It has been some time since you posted this, and I’m wondering if it still has its legs.

    Great post and link to a very cool app.

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