Fedora 7 on Fusion

Tonight I decided I was going to install the new distro of the Fedora Project (7). I spent the even downloading the entire 2Gb distribution. After the initial excitement I felt from it’s download completion I started up Parallels, setup the virtual machine – press start… Fedora booted from the CD, started the installation, I selected my language… and then… can’t find media driver? What the hell? How are you reading the data right now? After some web searching I found this to be a common issue in Parallels. My option? Download the distro from repository over HTTP or FTP! Yeah screw that! I just spent the night downloading it – I’m not doing it again.

So what to do…?

Remembering what I heard about VMware Fusion, I downloaded the beta. Installed the product. Set up the virtual machine. And off it goes. I didn’t even have to select my language. Fusion seems far more friendly to Linux distros in addition to Windows. So far the installation of Fedora is running completely smooth I’m about 30% done of the package installation and I’m looking forward to my first run at Fedora.

Reading today of the announcement of Parallels 3.0 – I am curious to learn what there “Linux tools” add-on is in the product. I guess time will tell.

Rails Solutions Contest Winner

So I just found out that I am one of the 5 winners of DMXZone’s most recent content to win a copy of FriendsofED book Rails Solutions. Coming from someone that has never really won anything I am really please to have been one of the 5 out of all of the people I’m sure that participated. Here’s to learning more Rails!

Getting Ready for the Web 2.0 Expo

So I’m currently in San Francisco awaiting for the Web 2.0 Expo tomorrow morning.  The flight into Phoenix was a little late requiring a run to the next gate only to find out the plane that I thought was leaving in 4 minutes was about to officially have a delay announcement made.

Flying into San Francisco was a little bumping due to weather, but we landed about 1:00PM PST.   After an interesting drive from the airport to the hotel we all realized that our hotel was a little more “interesting” then originally expected.  With no A/C, no frig, a view that looks into the other rooms about 5 feet over an alley, and a gentle smell of mothballs it definitely has us wishing we were back at the Marriott in the Tampa Airport where we spent last night.

Tomorrow will be with registration and then breakfast. 9:30 begins the Expo workshop day.  A morning workshop with Kelly Goto regarding development process and an afternoon workshop with David Black regarding Rails.  Monday beings all the keynotes that will take us through Wednesday.  While I am looking forward to learning great new things with the my trip has it is currently I find myself already looking forward to the flight home.