Genuinely Impressed By Rosenfeld Media

Let me start off my saying that no one is paying me or asking me to write any of this (or blackmailing me for that matter).  A few weeks ago I participated in Rosenfeld Media‘s UX Zeitgeist and purchased their first published book Mental Models, by Indi Young around that time as well.  Rosenfeld Media is the new kid on the block for publishing houses, but I’m a fan of books written by co-founders of Adaptive Path (Observing the User Experience, Subject to Change, The Elements of User Experience, you get the idea).

I really enjoyed everything about my interaction with this company.  During my participation in the UX Zeitgeist I had a few questions for them and received really quick responses from Lou Rosenfeld, the company’s owner.  When I ordered the book, you also receive a copy of in PDF format (at no extra charge) so you can instantly start reading while you wait for the paper version to come by mail, that’s smart.  As they were working up their plan for publishing obviously someone realized that people would actually be reading the PDF documents on the screen because you can tell they were definitely optimized for screen display.  Seriously everyone; the book is amazing.  When the mailed book came (a few business days later) I was amazed at the thickness of the cover and the quality of the print.  Amongst all this praise for Rosenfeld I have to extend my hand to Indi as well for such a quality book.  Her concepts on really getting into the heads of users are amazing, and as I continue my way through the book you can expect a full review when I am finished.  For those of you interested in the book now, Rosenfeld Media is offering a special 10% discount to you, my readers, because I told them I’d be writing about my positive experiences and enjoyment of their first book.  Just order the book from their site, and use the discount code FOKNIGHT during your order to get the discount.

Rosenfeld Media’s next book is Web Form Design by Luke W., a person familiar to most of you I’m sure.

This is definitely the publishing company to keep your eyes on if you are a designer of user experiences.